A-WLHV44 LED Warning Light Kit

Stay visible with a new set of extremity warning lights

The A-WLHV44 extremity warning light kit is a great addition for your tractor or combine. The extendable arms reach from 36" to 52" with breakaway brackets. Each arm includes 5w LED bulbs for increase visiblity. The kit includes brackets and hardware for universal horizontal or vertical mounting. The front of each arm has ag yellow reflective tape with red and orange fluorescent tape on the rear side.

What's included


Power needs to be hooked to a flasher switch to make flash. If hooked to the existing in dash flasher switch, lights will flash simultaneously. If utilizing the A-LED90 flasher unit (1 per light needed), lights will not flash at the same time.

Additional Warning Lights

Magnetic LED Safety Flasher Magnetic LED Safety Flasher

Rotating Beacon

LED Strobe Warning Light

A-WL18A Magnetic Amber Safety Flasher A-WL18R Magnetic Red Safety Flasher A-70027800 Amber Rotating Beacon Light A-WA9810 LED Strobe Warning Light
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Amber LED Safety Light

Red LED Safety Light

LED Tail / Warning Light

Rotating Beacon

A-28A43 Amber Safety Light A-28A44 Red Safety Light A-WL7882 Tail / Warning LED Light A-BLA9810 Amber Rotating Beacon Light
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Flexible Rotating Beacon

Rotating Beacon Pipe Style

Dual Rotating Beacon Light

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